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Let me show you how you can increase your quality of life, through understanding the way you eat, think and live so that you can live the life you wish to.

We look for the answers externally, but what if everything we need is already there for us.






What motivates you to lose weight and experience better quality of life?

Lack of motivation may be the number one reason you are not following weight loss guidelines and finding it difficult to lose weight. It may also be the reason you can't get started with living a healthy lifestyle.

I can help you feel ready and motivated to begin your journey to health, wellbeing and weight loss very quickly. Click on the button below to answer a few questions and I will contact you for your complimentary discovery session.


Wellbeing & Resilience
in Business and for the Individual

Would you like you and your team to be less stressed and take things less personally? 

Enhance communication and listening skills?

Be more creative in your work?

This programme could be just what you're looking for, click below to find out more.

Nutritional Therapy &
5 Week Programme to Better Health

Improve your health

Lose weight


Have more energy 

Do  you suffer with diabetes, heart problems, IBS or other health issues?

I take the struggle out of weight loss and guarantee that this programme will change your life.

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Paola Royal

Nutritional Therapist & Mindset Mentor

With over 30 years of medical and psychological experience, Paola is passionate about using her knowledge and expertise to help her clients to live healthier lifestyles, with proven lasting results.

Understanding yourself psychologically will effortlessly change your attitude to eating with permanent results.

Paola does not focus on diet and nutritional intake alone, helping her clients to release their ‘personal and limiting beliefs’ and empowering them to rebuild a completely different relationship with food and eating.

Keeping Life Simple - Podcast

Would you like to learn something amazing about yourself? Would you like to live more in this moment? If you think you are suffering from depression, anxiety, are burnt out, or feel like life is a struggle, then this podcast is also for you.


We hope that this podcast will lead you to live a more beautiful life, understand yourself better and allow you to insightfully see how we are all connected.


You can listen by going to our Podcast page, we'd love to know what you think!




Whenever I feel I am getting overwhelmed I think back on what you have taught, and I know they are not techniques, but remembering what I have learned helps me gain control and allows me to focus on what I can do in the here and now.

I would absolutely recommend Paola to those who run their own business, and to anyone who needs help dealing with stress and destructive thoughts.


I am enjoying food more and made the choice to make myself separate meals where necessary to those for my family. 

There is an ease to this programme once in the flow, no counting points or calories and although I have had cravings/deep desires for snacking there has been no feeling of lack.


I thought I understood the phrase 'You Are What You Eat 'but now I feel I understand this at a much deeper level. I really do feel 10 years younger! I had heard that it was more difficult to lose weight as we get older but I have found that this is a myth and I have found it easy for the weight to drop off.