Paola Royal

Nutritional Therapist & Mindset Mentor

Hello! Welcome to my website! I hope you find it of interest and please get in touch if you have any further questions.


Here is a little bit about me.


I trained as a Physiotherapist 30 years ago in Germany.

I worked in the UK, where my beautiful son was born, in New Zealand and Switzerland where we spend most of our time.

I worked in orthopedics with international athletes, with children and young adults in the neurological rehabilitation sector and specialized as a breathing therapist for asthma and cystic fibrosis.


Before I moved to the UK I had my own successful practice in Switzerland.

Gathering a broad range of knowledge and always continuing my education and studies, with over 30 years of experience, I began with to realize that the traditional, orthodox way of treatment could not get the lasting, positive results that I knew were achievable and were not giving the patients the results they deserved.


I saw from my clients that I needed to work in a more holistic way.


I needed to see the whole person to really be able to point my clients in the right direction, finding the root cause of what is going on, to support the healing process.


So I trained in a more holistic way, first in Accupoint massage - which is similar to acupuncture but not using needles.

This training also included in its curriculums the philosophy of Chinese medicine, which opened my eyes to the importance of nutrition for our health.


Moving back to the UK in 2010 I trained for 3 years in the scientific approach of nutrition with the BSY, and started to run cooking courses to encourage people in a fun way to live a healthy lifestyle.


My life also took me in a different direction, I started to get curious about the influence our mind has on our overall health.

So I trained as an Emotional Freedom Technique Teacher but I never worked with it, because straight after I finished my course, I came across the 3 principle paradigm understanding which brought me home.


Like I was searching for ways to find the root cause of what was going on at a physical level I found the missing link to understand finally what all the wise man where always talking about.  I saw that this missing link would give us psychological freedom and less suffering.


There is an innate intelligence, which always guides us to mental wellbeing and clarity of mind.

Understanding this insight-fully leads us to live a life more at ease and not only manifest on mental states but also does influence our physical wellbeing, There is always only one thing going on, and that is “Thought in the moment”.

I realized that this understanding will change the way we deal with politics, business, our private life, relationships, and it will also influence our cellular structure.


So I trained as a Facilitator in the 3 principle paradigm understanding with Ann Ross, Keith Blevens, Valda Monroe and Rudi Kennard and that is where my passion is today and who knows what else I will be learning on my way.