What part does the mind play in losing weight?

Working as a therapist over the last 30 years gives me clear evidence that the mind is a crucial part of our physical being and is not yet recognized enough in losing weight and shifting to better health. Losing weight with no success There are a number of people that over years have been trying to lose weight but with no success. They know all there is to know about diets, fasting, good nutrition but they still don’t manage to succeed. However, then you see them years later and they are looking amazing! What happened? Something changed for them and that is not necessarily a better understanding of what to do when losing weight, but often it’s a mental breakthrough. Over 90% of our thoughts

Supporting your body’s ability to heal itself

If I were to ask you to imagine a piece of music which represents the feeling of worry, how would it sound? What about a piece of music which represents a sense of peace and happiness? How would that sound? I bet you imagined two very different melodies. That’s exactly what happens in our bodies on a cellular level when we have thoughts of worry or of peace and happiness. When we are in a state of peace and happiness, our body can work in harmony, our breathing slows down and healing can begin. That doesn’t mean we always have to feel happy or positive. Even if it were possible, it would take excessive effort and create a lot of unnecessary thinking. It’s helpful to understand that in each m

Pain management and the mind

Something that has always intrigued me is the way in which our mind works when it comes to pain management. We tend to identify ourselves with pain, especially when we suffer from chronic pain or a chronic illness, we identify ourselves in this way and build a story around the pain or illness. When I began to understand how my mind works, I started to realise that my reality is created from the passing thoughts of every moment that I experience and this changes from moment to moment. So, in one moment I am happy but in the next, I could be sad and the next ecstatic, the next depressed and then suicidal. I go through the whole spectrum of emotions every single day. The other day I went for a

The amazing effects of Fasting!

I know! Fasting? If someone ever suggested fasting before, I would have said “no way, not me, I love my food”! I remember a friend of mine saying to me years ago that she sometimes totally forgets about eating. How does that ever happen? Definitely not in my life! I just love my food and eating! But when I found out about the amazing effects fasting has on my health and weight, I changed my mind. I decided to experiment with it on myself first, with excellent results. During fasting the energy storage process reverses and insulin falls. That decline is a signal that our system should start using some of the stored food energy to power our body. Dr.George Cahill (1927- 2012) is an American sc

Burnout, what is that exactly?

What does the word burnout mean? - I am burned out, - My fire is out, - I am overburdened, - I cannot continue like this, - It's all too much, It is coming from all sides and I don’t know how to cope anymore!!!!! But what if, you only ever can experience your thinking in the moment? What if, you always give the best you can in every present moment and you only ever can do what is right in front of you? There is always only this present moment right now! That’s all I can do and give, right now. But when I spend the moment, thinking about everything, that I have to deal with in the future, I am not able to give the best I can in that moment right now. I am spending my time thinking about futur

Getting rid of the carb belly

For years I was carrying a little belly with me, annoyingly hanging over my jeans when I was sitting down. I tried to cover it up with loose t-shirts and jumpers but in every photo I saw of me I spotted it again. Can you relate? It really annoyed me, and then I made friends with it, deciding it is part of me, I just have it and will never be able to get rid of it. I’ve been eating healthy for ages, so it wasn’t that, I did try to restrict my calories but that didn’t help either long term, So nothing seemed to work Did you know that losing weight is not only about food but also much more about balancing your hormones? Your hormones work like an orchestra, if one of the musicians is out of tu


Wraps are delicious and wheat free! A great dish for the whole family, when you have friends around or for lunch.

Strawberry Cake

I invented this cake when a lovely friend of mine left a bucket of strawberries in front of my house.

Cauliflower Pizza

This is a lovely recipe you can use to be creative. Use the cauliflower as your base and add all kinds of vegetables or spices you have.

Summer squash oven bake

Have you ever heard of summer squash? I saw this pretty squash a million times before but never did anything with it.

Chocolate & Berry Cakes

I came across a similar recipe online with white chocolate and I wondered if it would taste any good without any sweetener.

3 pumpkin curry in the oven

I invented this dish when I still had some work to do on the computer but fancied a curry-like dish.

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