A 5 Week Program

Better Health & Weight Loss

Lose Weight

Have more Energy

Heal from within

Through looking at Body & Mind as one


How important is your health to you?

Would you like to lose weight effortlessly?

Do you have health concerns you would like to improve?


Join me on a 5 -week program to achieve just this.

I work with the newest science helping your amazing system to do what it knows to do best...
heal itself

Have you heard about Autophagy?
Auto = self, phagy = eating

Your cells get beaten up by the stresses of our daily life;


- Chronic stress,

-Environmental toxins,

-Processed foods,

-Too much sugar,


Over time they wear on your cells, causing damage.


This damage results in signs of ageing like weight gain, wrinkles, pigmentation and even neurological disease and cancer.

Now picture instead of an overwhelming demanding day with a bad nights sleep a day just for you, with a nice warm bath a glass of wine uninterrupted beauty sleep that will:


Leave you...
revived and refreshed when you wake the next day

feeling alive and ready for whatever comes your way


At a cellular level, that is autophagy.


It cleans up the mess of an overwhelming day and repairs any damage, restoring and rejuvenating your cells. 


Autophagy is a mechanism turned on by turning off insulin and reducing the amount of protein coming in.


It then starts eating the body's own "bad” protein like unwanted viruses and bacteria, a bit like a hover cleaning up your system. 

Paola's programs are perfect for anyone who is looking to make a change within their lives towards wellbeing and improved health and nutrition can be helped by one of our programs.


Individuals looking for help with...


Weight Loss


Coronary Heart Disease


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Depression and Anxiety




Paola also has the ability to help companies looking to improve the overall wellbeing and motivation of their team and to help build internal communication

"I engaged in the services of Paola Royal of “Healthy Living” to support me with my ongoing battle in weight loss.

Paola explained and educated me on everything in relation to food and the impact of it on our bodies. I live with lymphedema in my right leg.

Paola is an inspirational coach, a kind and thoughtful person; always respectful, professional, non-judgemental and empowering. Healthy Living’s online one to one coaching service supported me so effectively.


I learnt to believe in myself and I recognised that my previous relationship around food with specific thought patterns had been unhelpful and disempowering; within 4 weeks I have shed just over a stone in weight, I have more energy and learnt the power in saying, no. Food and external motivations are no longer important to me, I have learnt to eat when I am hungry.


The swelling in my right leg has reduced greatly and I have lost inches around my body. Paola is such a kind soul, often checking in with me before the next session resumes to see how I am doing, always caring.

Thank you Paola Royal and Healthy Living for giving me the right tools and mind-set to become resilient and live my life in a much happier way!

I cannot recommend Paola Royal enough!"

Armine Guzelian 

Action Learning Sets Facilitator & Trainer

Jigsaw Initiatives Limited

Turning on the mechanism of autophagy has the effect of;

More energy,

Improving blood pressure

Reducing visceral fat

Improving skin function

Improving overall health


and you know what…..you lose any excess weight effortlessly

What is your thinking around food?

Changing the way we think about food and the eating habits we have since the day we were born, can sometimes feel very hard and nearly impossible.


All through our life we innocently create beliefs about our self and who we think we are.


Find out more about the food you are eating, their nutritional value and the effect it has on your health

Did you know about fasting?

Fasting is the oldest way of healing your body from the inside out.

It can be done in different ways from every day 16/8 to longer periods of fasting.


It has nothing to do with starving yourself, food is in our society always available and any fast can be interrupted at any time.

It has tremendous health benefits.

Let me support you on a Program
based on brand new science,
bespoke just for you to help with...

Health & Wellbeing

Nutritional education to increase cell rejuvenation & longevity 

Shopping List

Recipes & Cooking


Beliefs about Eating & Food


Weekly meetings in person or on-line

       1st Set -Up meeting 2 hours -1/2 a day -questionnaire to review & shopping lists provided

     Access throughout the 5 weeks to give individual support to any challenges that arise & to help find solutions that work just for you



First meeting approximately 2 hours or longer

Weekly follow up for up to 1 hour (face to face or online)

Shopping List

Exercise plan tailor made for you



   The aim of the week program is

  • to get you started on the way to better health with lasting results

  • to have someone on your side you feel accountable to & you can get answers to all your questions  

  • optimize your cell rejuvenation & 








For people who would like to learn more about eating healthily

-  living a balanced lifestyle  & need support in making this change in food choices, shopping & cooking or people who have health issues and need to be monitored more closely   




 First meeting up to 4 hours

 Weekly follow up sessions up to 2 hours

 Shopping List

 Support with shopping

 All the recipes you need 

 Diet plan

 Joining my cooking courses for free

 Cooking with you personally /or virtually

 Creating Exercise Plan tailor made for you

 24/7 support via phone, text or email




For people who have an idea about healthy living but would like support in making the change


It includes;


First meeting from 2 – 4 hours

Weekly follow up sessions for up to 1hour

Shopping List

Diet plan


Exercise plan tailor made for you

24/7 support via text or email





For people who have a very good knowledge of healthy nutrition and lifestyle but who would like to be guided to succeed losing the extra few kilos and/or to find out how to optimize autophagy for prevention of future health challenges


First meeting approximately 2 hours

Weekly follow up for up to 1 hour (face to face or online)

Shopping List

Exercise plan tailor made for you

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