I work with newest science helping your amazing system to do what it knows to do best;


To heal itself. 


Have you heard about Autophagy? Auto = self, phagy = eating 


Your cells get beaten up by the stresses of our daily life;


- Chronic stress,

-Environmental toxins,

-Processed foods,

-Too much sugar,


Over time they wear on your cells, causing damage.


This damage results in signs of ageing like weight gain, wrinkles, pigmentation and even neurological disease and cancer.


Now picture instead of an overwhelming demanding day with a bad nights sleep a day just for you, with a nice warm bath a glass of wine uninterrupted beauty sleep that will


- Leave you revived and refreshed when you wake the next day.


- leave you feeling alive and ready for whatever comes your way.


At a cellular level, that is autophagy.


It cleans up the mess of an overwhelming day and repairs any damage, restoring and rejuvenating your cells. 


Autophagy is a mechanism turned on by turning off insulin and reducing the amount of protein coming in.


It then starts eating the body's own "bad” protein like unwanted viruses and bacteria, a bit like a hover cleaning up your system. 


Turning on the mechanism of autophagy has the effect of;


- More energy,

- improving blood pressure

- reducing visceral fat

- improving skin function

- improving overall health


and you know what…..you lose any excess weight effortlessly.

What is your thinking around food?


Changing the way we think about food and the eating habits we have since the day we were born, can sometimes feel very hard and nearly impossible.


All though our life we innocently create beliefs about our self and who we think we are.

When we start to understand that we not our thoughts, and that our thoughts can never be an instruction but only ever a construction, we realize we don’t have to act on them.


Find out more about the food you are eating, their nutritional value and the effect it has on your health


Learn the Logic of how your mind works, to understand yourself better and find out about the beliefs you innocently created in some way or another about your relationship to food.


This will lead you to live the life you always wanted, feeling better, more energized and finally losing the weight you maybe always wanted to AND keeping it of for good.



Did you know this about fasting?


Fasting is the oldest way of healing your body from the inside out.

It can be done in different ways from every day 16/8 to longer periods of fasting.


It has nothing to do with starving yourself, food is in our society always available and any fast can be interrupted at any time.

It has tremendous health benefits.


For example;


  • It can heal Type 2 Diabetes,

  • Reduce Blood pressure,

  • Reduce visceral fat

  • Reduce your risk of Coronary heart disease

  • Reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke



If you would like to find out more or join my 5 week program please get in touch.

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