Living Lighter!

Your way to better health and effortless weight loss with lasting results

Losing weight can seem a big challenge and keeping it off even bigger! Even when we know everything there is to know about nutrition, changing the way we have been eating for years seems nearly impossible.


We go on all kind of diets just to find ourselves putting the weight back on and often even more.


Does that sound familiar? Then this programme is for you!

My name is Paola Royal
Nutritional Therapist & Mindset Mentor


With over 30 years of psychological and medical experience, I can tell you that diets don’t work and never will for the long term!

Achieving better health is possible and can be effortless when we start to understand how we psychologically work.

My clients have experienced the following results;

1.    More energy
2.    Losing weight with lasting results
3.    Improved health
4.    No more heartburn
5.    Improved gut health 
6.    Lower blood pressure
7.    Improved diabetes 
8.    Better sleep
9.    Higher performance in sport

"I can highly recommend this course, Paola’s professionalism and caring support. I have learnt a healthy new way to fuel my body which will last me into the future, unlike other ‘diets’ I have tried in the past. The course has changed the way I think about food.

Thank you Paola."

Join me for our 6 month online programme starting;

not yet confirmed

For everyone who would like to improve their health and wellbeing;


  • Have you tried all kind of diets with no real success?

  • Would you like to change to a healthier you and lose a few pounds?

  • Do you suffer from Type 2 Diabetes or are pre-diabetic?

  • Do you have coronary heart disease and would like to improve your health?

  • Do you suffer with IBS?


We are in this together, to guide you towards better health and wellbeing and effortless weight loss.


This programme will change your life

with a 100% success rate

  • 6 weekly intensive sessions, 1.5 hours each

  • Followed up by monthly 1.5 hour sessions for the next 5 months after that

  • 1 x one to one session at any point in the programme

  • Part of a private WhatsApp group

  • Get a detailed shopping list

  • Constant support throughout the programme 


Week 1

Find out about your body and the effects of autophagy and how to activate this amazing self-healing system


Insulin/carbohydrates & sugars


Learn how to lose weight in a way that is effortless with lasting results


Get your shopping list and start your journey to better health and wellbeing

Week 2

Feedback, question & answer after your first week


The amazing effects of fasting


Starting with 16/8 Fasting

Week 3

Feedback, questions & answers


Seeing how we psychologically work will give us a better understanding of ourselves and our thought process around food and eating

Week 4

Feedback, insights from last weeks session


Questions & answers


Interesting things to know about ingredients & shopping  


Simple but nutritious meal ideas

Week 5

Insights, question & answer


Beliefs around food and eating

Week 6

Insights, question & answer


How to continue after the programme

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If you have any questions, I'd love to chat to you. You can call me on 07715 310920 or email here