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How we create our own Busy Life, Stress, and sometime Burnout!

Does that sound familiar?

“Oh I haven’t done this order yet”

“I am behind on my admin”

“I haven’t done these invoices, haven’t paid these bills”

Oh I owe so much money to my supplier ”

“I have not enough time”

This is all thought, passing through all day and maybe waking you up in the middle of the night. Giving you feeling of stress, stopping you from having clear thoughts, from giving you good ideas and through that making important decisions.

They raise your blood pressure; give you anxiety, and sometimes depression and burn you out.

Thoughts are traveling through us all day all night. 4 till 8 thoughts a second.

They are just passing thoughts with no real meaning we just choose to give them importance.

These thoughts who seem so real, cloud over our mind, giving us feeling of stress, anxiety, raise our blood pressure but all this, is just a big illusion, with no real meaning, fogging our head, stopping us seeing clearly.

So what is happening?

So like we said it is passing thought we decide to give importance.

We think this has nothing to do with us, something bigger then us is leading us through life.

But how about if I would tell you it is you, you alone who are doing this to yourself.

You are hanging on to these thoughts, giving them meaning and through that, creating feelings, feelings of stress, anxiety, depression.

When we are in the moment, we can hear the birds sing, hear the noise of the cars on the road, the rain falling, the heart beating ……

In this moment, there is stillness….

No thinking…..

No you…..

No tomorrow….

No yesterday…….

Just that moment…..

Moment of perfection……

No worries……

No anxiety…..

Just stillness……

Our mind is clear!

Everything else is an illusion……….thought…….passing thought we give importance!

We are only human. It is only a simple misunderstanding how life works., We get caught up in our own thinking, creating our own stress, because, who is saying when we have to do this or that??

This is entirely our own creation.

The thing is to realize, that we create this reality, seeing this, to be the observer.

If we understand that we are in charge again of our life!

We see clearly again.

In this clarity we start to have ideas, come up with good solutions, we are more productive.

Thought is a divine gift, which serves you immediately after you are born”.

“Thought is a creative agent we use to direct us through life”

Sydney Banks

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