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Would you like to cleanse your body and Soule ?

Spring, a perfect time for detoxification.

Spring is, in Chinese medicine, time of the element wood, responsible for the organs of Gallbladder and Liver

The Liver is our main organ for detoxification. It produces bile, which carries away waste and breaks down fat in the small intestine.

The gallbladder holds bile, produced in the liver until it is used for digestion of fatty food.

So a perfect time to detoxify!

When you think about the plants nature presents us with in spring.

Just to name a few like nettle, a blood cleanser and dandelion detoxifies liver and gallbladder

Throughout history, humans have turned to wild plants when they needed to detox their body. In the southern German state of Bavaria, spring was the traditional time for undergoing deep tissue detoxification. In order to "clean house", Bavarians harvested and consumed massive amounts of young nettle leaves and other wild plants during the 40 day period leading up to Easter. It was their annual spring cleansing rite, which they used to get rid of the excess baggage that had collected during the winter months. The wild plants were the secret for kick-starting the internal detoxification process and losing significant amounts of weight.

Throughout the centuries fasting, or abstaining from food and/or drink, has been a way to cleanse the body, open the mind and free the spirit. Its therapeutic values are one of the oldest known to man. Dependable, safe and effective, fasting was endorsed by innovative medical greats such as Hippocrates and Galen - and even today, alternative healers consider it one of the best ways to heal the body and de-stress the mind.

When we look for example at juice cleans, drinking fruit and vegetable for a week should be good for us right?

Well, you'll lose weight, but it's because you're not eating, not because your body is "detoxing". Water is stored in your muscles with glycogen. When you eat a low calorie diet, you use up those glycogen stores, and lose the water weight with it. You'll gain that water weight right back when you return to your normal diet. You're also missing out on all those other vital nutrients like fat, fibre, and protein. In fact some of this cleanses suggest that you should avoid exercise, you're on them because your caloric intake is so low—which leads to fatigue and dizziness.

So how about eating as natural for a month as possible?

Say no to :

-processed food





-tea and coffee

-chemicals in food

You probably think no I cannot do this, but hayho, it is your shout!

You don’t “have” to do this, nobody is telling you to, but ask yourself: Would you like to feel more energized?

Have you got some health issues already (Headaches, chronic pains etc.?) Would you like to loose some weight?

Well, these are all good reasons to make a change now.

Take health back into your own hands.

Say yes to:

-more water (at least 2l a day)

-8 hours sleep (go to bed around 10pm)

-regular exercise (at least 1/2 hour a day)

-cook from scratch

-ideally use mainly organic food

My recommendation is using juice plus capsules and complete shake.

A very natural product giving your body everything it needs.

I recommend this because the phytonutrients from fruit, vegetable and berries help you to get all the micronutrients you need. Imagine a car running without oil? Exactly! That is what micronutrients are for your body, looking out for your cellular health.

The complete shake is like the fuel, your macronutrients providing you with carbohydrates, fat and protein your body does need every day to function.


The 30-day Transform 30 Program:

Replace your breakfast with a shake

You can add:


Different fruits

Spinach or/and other vegetables

Chia seeds

Flaxseeds (this is really good to thicken it up)


Have some cut vegetable in the frigid and dip them in some Hummus.


Almond butter or any other nut butters are a lovely treat to eat with Banana or just on its own.

Or how about self-made Kale crisps,

coconut yoghurt.

No reason to be hungry!

As Lunch or dinner

Another shake

As Dinner or Lunch

A healthy whole food based meal

Make sure you drink plenty of water!

Detoxifying this way will provide you with everything your body needs from the synergy of fibre, vitamins, minerals and enzymes to nourish you and help your Liver to get rid of all the Toxins without reducing your energy levels so you are able to exercise and function and even thrive.

Find out more about Transform 30: https://www.transform30.com/rep/paolaroyal/

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