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Kidney and Urinary Bladder and the water Element

The Water Element:

It’s that time of the year again winter or late autumn,

The time we enter, in the Chinese medicine, the Element of Water.

Winter, when nature seems to hibernate. Earth is gathering its’ strength for a new beginning.

Darkness and frost protecting invisible new life till spring shows his first sight.

Where too much frost will harm and water solidifies and turns it to ice – the water element is blocked.

In the Chinese medicine the water element represents in the human body the circuit around the kidney.

The kidney, regulating water fluid levels and removing waste products from the blood and keeper of the transient life energy, called Qi.

Everyone has a certain amount of this Qi, given in his or her lifetime.

Hidden like in a little sacred bowl, protected from the kidneys we need to carefully use it over a lifetime.

This energy can only be fed through breathing and nutrition.

So it is wise to look out for our kidney Qi through the intake of good nutrition, because this will promise us a long and fulfilled life.

The element of anxiety

Our mental state can over time reflect in our organs.

So will anxiety or angst over a long time be able to disrupt our kidney energy.

Good protected and warm kidneys send us the vitality we need to face life in its full.

Constant anxiety and restlessness will manifest in a disruptive kidney flow and will stop us living life live to the full.

Spring means new life and new beginning, this need courage and strength.

All life energy is urging for light to show in spring (the element of wood) to reach it’s full potential.

But maybe we hide our life energy, anxious in the dark, not living life to it’s full potential, longing for the things we never did.

Is your water element in harmony?

- I catch easily a cold

- I like a lot of salt in my food

- I suffer from exhaustion

- Everything new is scary

- I would like more erotic in my life

- I suffer from lower back pain

- I need to use the toilet very frequently

- When I am cold my bladder is more sensitive

- I have an anxious personality

- I sweat in the night and feel cold

- I am easily cold and like to keep myself

- I prefer a warmer climate

How to support your water element:

-Drink a few glasses of boiled water ideally boiled for up to 15 min.

- Keep your feet warm.

Wear warm socks, maybe also at night because the kidney meridian has its origin under your foot

- Enjoy warm food so your body temperature feels nice and comfortable

Foods supporting the kidney Qi:

- fish like mackerel, catfish and sardines

- aubergine


- raspberries

- goji berries

- litchi

-sesame oil 1 tbsp. per day

- external to massage your kidneys and feet.

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