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Embrace starts with understanding our true nature

Weight loss is a big subject for many of us.

What is it all about?

How did we get overweight in the first place?

Who is saying we are too big, we need to lose some weight?

Is there a norm for being overweight, and who sets the measure?

Do we live someone else’s life of how we should look, and what is our own part here?

So lets have a look at this …….

What is it all about…………..

Well that is completely individual and every story will be different but what we all have in common is that we all create our reality via our thinking. What we thought when we grew up, how we should look, what is beautiful and what is not.

Yes maybe friends or family did say you are too big or too skinny, but that was, and still is, their opinion created via their own thinking.

We look at papers and see all these super good looking models and we allow ourselves to be influenced by it.

If 10 people look at one super perfect beautiful photo model, some will think she is beautiful, and some will think she is not.

So why is that, it is the same person and we have different opinions???

Well it is because we create our reality via our thinking.

The way we think will create the way we observe our surrounding which will create the way we feeling about it.

So how did we get overweight in the first place?

Well different factors play into that.

Our intuition always knows what is good for us but we often decide to overrule our intuition. This happens very innocently, our sub-conscious thoughts are not visible to us and we blame everything outside of us for our feelings.

What is a craving? It is a passing thought!

We normally think outside circumstances are responsible for our feelings or actions.

For example, we make up this innocent story about our life that we feel unloved, so we look to compensate for this with craving perhaps chocolate because we think that will give us the same satisfaction…. And it does! It stimulates dopamine in our brain so we feel rewarded, but you see it is all coming from thought, thought in the moment!

Do you remember, there is nothing on the outside, which can make you feel in any way, it is all coming from thought in the moment. Thinking about an outside factor, that is creating our reality. We blame an outside factor for our cravings instead of seeing that craving is a passing thought, like all the others we have all day long, we are not trying to identify with, but this one, we give meaning, we give importance, we give in to, so we go to the cupboard and get some food

Most of the time we blame the outside for our feelings and we don’t see that our feelings are all created via thought in the moment about outside factors.

When we are present, right here in that moment, not in the past, not in the future but right here, on-going thinking drops and we start to hear what we really need in that moment, we start to make healthier choices, and it happens effortlessly, without a lot of thought attached to it.

So who is making the rules of how we should look?

It is us, each one of us, we often forget that society is created through us.

Opinions, beliefs are created from thought.

So what is someone else’s opinion, it is someone else’s thought, it is not said that that is right or wrong, because there is no write or wrong.

There are only shades.

We have a lot of our own rules and regulations of how we should look, what is beautiful and ugly and how a perfect life would be, and when we don’t live up to our own expectations, we are disappointed and judgmental of ourselves. So we go to the cupboard, take out some more chocolate, cheese or crackers and give up completely on ourselves and the world …..We innocently created ourselves!

We can be our worst own critic; we are often so hard on ourselves instead of being compassionate, loving and kind.

We like to be kind with others, so why not start with ourselves too?

Understanding this natural science of psychology, understanding the Logic of Mind will lead

you to get a better and better understanding of yourself so you can live a life more at ease, more loving and compassionate with yourself as with others.

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