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A week in Malta exploring healthy plant based eating.

My husband and I like to eat healthy plant based food.

We don’t like to call ourselves “vegan” as in our opinion vegans are not always eating very healthily, exchanging meat with a lot of refined carbohydrates like bread, pasta, and so on.

So we went for a week to visit Gozo and Malta.

We flew from Exeter airport where there is only a tiny café with not really a healthy choice of food with the exception of a bowl of fruit on the counter and soya milk as the only option as a milk alternative.

As I don’t like to drink soya milk I had to wait for my cappuccino until I arrived on the other side at Malta airport to find a costa coffee where I got one with coconut milk.

Well that was a good start to our holiday!

Arriving on Malta I found to my surprise that Jez the owner of our little airbnb at Lx-Xewkija was vegan and gave us some useful tips.

So we found even in the supermarket close to us some milk alternatives and also some vegan cheese, what a surprise but I personally don’t really like to eat it as I don’t liked the taste and it is done with potato starch which is of course nothing else than sugar.

So when we eat any cheese at all, which never really happens without being on holiday or out for dinner we prefer to eat goat or sheep cheese.

Of course for animal welfare you can discuss this point for hours on end but in my life and for any health reasons and anyone who wants to cut out dairy, sheep and goat is a good alternative.

In Victoria is a health food shop called Naturali organic with a good collection on different foods and vegetables.

Jez also told us about a really great insider tip a restaurant called AlanTil Joplin

What a lovely place with an amazing view!!! The staff are super friendly and the whole place has a lovely ambiance with lots of detail! It has a great choice of good quality food with different interesting vegan recipes, all very delicious. I was impressed that the vegan food wasn't replaced with refined carbohydrates but instead was fresh and healthy!!! Alan even got a bowl of extra vegetable with his vegan burger, which was great!

So yes, I definitely can recommend this place for a romantic sunset venue with a good glass of wine, you even get a choice of different vegan wines when you order a whole bottle.

This is called "Bliss" a Homemade bean & pea falafel

with spiced carrot hummus

Because it is a southern culture, you get the most beautiful tomatoes, zucchinis and other vegetables as well as fresh basil, mint and other herbs to do your own salads. Just watch out as all the local shops seem to close at 1pm on Gozo.

We found wonderful places to eat, overlooking the sea on Gozo like at Ta Cenc’

or wonderful harbours on Malta like Marsaxlokk where we were watching the fishermen getting their boats ready in the sunset whilst we were enjoying a glass of wine.

La dolce vita!

We had to smile a few times when the waiter was letting us know so proudly of the fresh catch of the day and Alan and I sitting there getting very quiet not daring to interrupt, thinking of how we could ever let him know that we don’t like to eat fish anymore.

But being in the Mediterranean, every restaurant has different kinds of salad and vegetable dishes, maybe you just need to ask to leave out the chicken or pork but that is normally no problem after you get the courage to gently break the news of not eating meat or fish.

Typical fisherboat from Marsaxlokk

We only were on Malta for 2 days so I cannot comment on other cities but we went to Valetta which is such an amazing and beautiful city with all his history and its little streets.

I found here two places where you can get healthy vegan options one called “Gourmet Kafe”

and the other is called Piadina Caffe where you get amazing focaccia and lovely salads.

So overall we didn’t have to fast all the time, the opposite we found plenty of delicious, wholesome food and the wine was delicious too!

Oh, and another tip from me is to try a Maltese speciality called bigilla, a local bean paste made out of local beans, mint, garlic, a hint of chilly, marjoram and parsley it is delicious, often served as a complementary of the restaurant whilst waiting for your food but you also get it on the market and in some shops.

Dried Maltese broad beans from the market in Marsaxlokk.

So I wish you a great time on your holiday and “L-ikla t-tajba” which means bon appetit in Maltese.

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