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Why making our health a priority is vital right now

Do we really understand why health, especially at the moment, is so important to us?

Our cells are under attack continuously from the stresses of our daily life:

· Chronic stress

· Environmental toxins

· Processed foods

· Too much sugar

Over time these wear on your cells, causing damage. The damage results in signs of ageing like weight gain, wrinkles, pigmentation and even neurological disease and cancers.

Now picture, instead of an overwhelming day with a bad nights sleep, a day just for you, with a warm bath, a glass of red organic wine, uninterrupted beauty sleep that leaves you revived and refreshed when you wake the next day. Feeling alive and ready for whatever comes your way!

At a cellular level this is autophagy. It cleans up the mess of an overwhelming day and repairs any damage, restoring and rejuvenating your cells.

Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi (Cell Biologist) won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2016 in Physiology and Medicine for his discovery of the mechanism for autophagy.

You have to imagine, every cell in our body is configured to support our self healing. Would it not be a good idea to support this amazing phenomenon so that it can work in the best way possible?

We would never put diesel into a petrol car, we would never give our cat or dog food we knew would be harmful to their health.

Half of the time we don’t even know what is good for us!

The media and the government give us mixed messages; no wonder these can be confusing, and not always in our best interest. Even the science we cannot always trust, as we find that often research is backed up by big pharmaceutical interests. What is a ‘scientifically proven fact’ today is never set in stone and can be completely different the next day. When you think about smoking, in the ‘50s we thought it was safe and everybody smoked in public and even on television! Today we know it is bad for our health.

We look to the outside for answers to improve our health and wellbeing when perhaps we should be looking within!

A good current example is that we cannot wait to have a vaccine and then everything will be back to normal. We think! But every vaccination carries risks. There is not one single vaccine that is 100% safe.

We know that we can combat viruses such as Covid-19, or seasonal flu viruses naturally and with far fewer complications, when we are in good health.

So what can you do to support your health and wellbeing?

We all know the answer… we just often like to ignore it!

After a busy stressful day we like to treat ourselves!

Or when our kids did really well, they “deserve a treat”!

But are processed foods, hydrogenated fats and lots of sugar really a treat???

Everything we need is already there for us. When you look at nature, it is constantly self-healing. You cut the grass and it will grow again. A fallen tree is often developing new shoots. We are part of the wonderful circle of life. We also have the ability to heal; in fact we do so all the time. When you cut yourself, you may have to clean the wound but your body does the work. When you break a leg you may need to get support in hospital but your cells know what to do to heal your bones. Your cells are constantly renewing themselves. But to do so, they need a healthy environment, good nutrition, enough oxygen and a content mind.

Nature provides us with everything we need, we just innocently forgot to look inwards; instead, searching for the answers somewhere out there.

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