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So what is it that makes you stressed?

Is it your work, time management, do you generally just feel overwhelmed, having to much on your plate?

We think outside circumstances are responsible for the way we feel,.

I have too much work, one appointment after the other, have no time, have to pick up the kids

and so on.

Not enough time in the day!!

When we understand that our feeling is coming from thought in the moment about outside

circumstances, we are able to see them and our reactions more

objectively , we are able to be more gentle with ourselves and take life with more


We realize we are feeling stressed because we are having stressful thoughts

about ….

When I innocently make circumstances responsible for the way I feel, I need to fix it to feel


But when I understand that I am feeling it is because I am thinking it, there is nothing for me to

do. I don’t have to change anything, because what is thought, is it something you can hold in

your hands?

It comes and it goes.....

Why is it that when 2 people have the same task, one feels stressed when the other one takes

the same workload with more ease?

It is because his/her thinking is different, that’s all. Stress is not the problem, but the way we

dealing with stress.

If we start to understand this and see that thought is included, our thinking drops, we are able

to be more productive and can even be creative in stressful moments.

I am not saying you will never feel stressed again but you take it with more ease.

Often when we getting stressed is because we already 2 steps ahead, we would really like to do

something completely different.

But, there is only ever this present moment!

When we understand that everything else other then this present moment is created via

thought, we get less interested.

Yes I maybe have an appointment in an hour, but that is in an hour, not now,

I don’t have to spend my time already now thinking about the future,

I can, of course, but then I am missing the moment, and for me personally, I want to spend

more time in the moment.

That is where creativity is born.

If you would like to find out more please get in touch, my first conversation is

always for free.

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