Tailor Made Weight Loss Days

You are a beautiful human being waiting to shine

1 on 1 Tailor Made Weight Loss Days

  • Would you like to find a unique way, tailor-made just for you, to lose the weight you’ve always wanted to?


  • Have you struggled to lose weight for years just to put it back on and sometimes even more than before?



You feel frustrated and have doubts that leave you insecure.


A lot of women tell me that they don’t like themselves or the way they look. They hate looking in the mirror and are constantly feeling disappointed with what they see.


Often people know a lot about nutrition and what they should eat but still don’t manage to succeed. Does this resonate with you?


Once you are able to see the mental blocks you innocently created over the years, you will be able to finally make the shift to be who you really are, unique and beautiful in your own right.


We usually look at the external for our motivation to lose weight, but that type of motivation doesn’t often last for long. I will guide you to uncover what is actually holding you back.


When we begin to understand how our minds work, we can start to understand what drives us and what is holding us back. Then we can break the cycle and that is where I come in.


Let me help you to unfold what is innocently holding you back for you to life the live you’ve always wanted.


What I offer is totally unique. As a nutritional therapist as well as Wellbeing & Resilient coach, my aim for you is;

To get the best out of you so that you feel good in yourself and finally lose the weight you always wanted to

Join me on a special day designed just for you

What do you get;


  • I will send you a questionnaire that you need to fill out and send back to me before we begin.

  • A day completely unique to you where we unfold what is holding you back to lose the weight you’ve always wanted.

  • 1 to 1 consultation/mentoring session in a beautiful location.


  • We meet in the morning for a 2 hour conversation


  • We will have a healthy, nutritional lunch.


  • Another 2-hour conversation in the afternoon.


  • You will have 5 Follow up zoom calls (video calls) each for 1 hour.


  • A daily eating plan and exercise routine available.


Just take a look at the benefits once you’ve finished your bespoke immersion day and Zoom calls.  You’ll...

  • have a new outlook

  • feel better in yourself

  • know that you have the ability to lose the weight you always wanted,

  • be able to understand your true identity


There is also the option of turning the immersion day into a few days or more depending on what you would like. Your stay will be tailor made each day and completely bespoke just for you.


Call Paola to have a no obligation chat: 01395 444067


I look forward to being part of your journey to better health and to unfold your unique beauty.


*Weight loss guaranteed provided participant remains strictly inline with the diet and plan and does not waiver from the outlined actions to follow.