For the Workplace

Would you like you and your team to be less stressed and take things less personally? 

Enhance communication and listening skills?

Be more creative in your work?

This programme could be just what you're looking for, click below to find out more.

For the Individual

As a Wellbeing and Resilience Coach, I work with people who may feel stuck in life, people who feel that life is getting at them, feel burdened with stress, burnt out and feeling unable to reach their full potential.


Workplace Programme for
Employee Wellbeing & Resilience


Would you like your team to feel less stressed, less frustrated, more skilled at communicating

and more creative in their work?

The Three Principle Paradigm explains the Logic of how our mind works.

So far we have had principles both in physics and maths but there were only theories in psychology.

Finding these principles in psychology helps us to explain, making it visual for each and every one of us, how we function. It helps us to understand where our experience is coming from.

When we start to understand how something works, we also see how it does not work. We have fewer questions and more answers.
When we understand how our mind works we stop “trying” to fix something that doesn’t need fixing, we have less on our mind and are able to carry on with life, whatever circumstance we find ourselves in.

We become more productive in our work. We are able to communicate and listen in a different way. We find ourselves less judgmental and more understanding towards others and ourselves. We naturally deal with stress differently and maybe even feel less tired at the end of our working day.

Paola discusses the Three Principles:










Our programme is structured in the following way:


Before we start we like to talk to each participant for half an hour to say hello and to encourage them to be open for the programme.

It's not compulsory to take part


Day 1/Day 2 - Group session

(3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon divided into 1.5 hour sessions)

During this time we will ask you about the challenges that you face and the outcomes that you would like for this programme.

We will then tailor our facilitation to addressing your business and personal needs.


Day 3 - One to One

1 hour each

Day 4 - Group session

In the morning: Feedback and goal setting for the afternoon’s session.

In the afternoon: Supervision through 1 or 2 business meetings.



Any questions please contact me any time;

Paola Royal



Packages for the Individual
Return to Inner Wellbeing & Resilience


Through understanding the natural science of the mind

One of the greatest misconceptions ever is the belief that


"It takes years to find wisdom"


The achievement of mental stability and peace of mind is one thought away from everyone on earth....

.....if you can find that one thought.

Sydney Banks


I work with people who may feel stuck in life, people who feel that life is getting at them, feeling stressed, burned out, unable to reach their full potential. People who feel anxious, depressed, suicidal or suffer from PTSD.  


I lead my clients to see what has always been there for them.

There are no techniques and nothing extra to do but to understand how we fundamentally psychologically work.

Understanding this fundamental Logic will leave us to feel less bound by our past and future events able to be more present.

It will leave you to live a life more beautiful, being more understanding towards yourself and others with less judgement.

Able to listen and communicate in a different way.

  Experience a clarity perhaps previously thought unachievable.

Minimum of 1.5 hours in person, phone call
or live-link

Packages for individual mentoring:

2/3 Sessions

*Personal one to one private session

Gold Plan

4 Sessions

*Live one to one phone call available

*Personalised email response

*Tailored live-links selected for you

Silver Plan

4 Sessions

*Personalised email response