Retreat on the beautiful island of Agistri 

We are sorry to announce that because of these unprecedented times, this wonderful retreat will be postponed to September next year.

Please contact me for further information.

September 2021

Have you ever dreamed of going to a beautiful island and just being with like-minded people who are in love with life and can show you and support you to be happier, healthier and more in love than you have ever been?


  • Have you ever wondered if you could or would ever be able to do it?

  • Have you ever thought “that is for other people - not me”?

  • We are offering an opportunity for your dream to come true.


We have a beautiful venue on Agistri in Greece where we would like to invite you for a 3 day retreat from the world. It is an opportunity to melt into your deepest connection and your true purpose in life and to discover your own unique and powerful way of being in the world. In a way that is right and natural for you.

When we realise what we are insightfully, our experience of life radically changes. 


We will explore the identities we have learned and taken on as the truth.

We will look at how that happens and where they came from.

We will learn how those identities are affecting our current lives.


We will see clearly the implications and results when these identities begin to dissolve and no longer have power over us. We will have evidence of our True Nature and how deeply and profoundly we already have everything we need. Right now. In this Eternal Now.

Before time, space and matter.


We would love for you to join me Paola Royal and my guest Ann Ross, to learn, explore and reveal the truth of what you really are.

You are welcome to join us or find your own hotel and join us for the 3 day retreat.

We will be there until 21st September and you are most welcome to stay on and hang out with us if you wish.

Travel information;

The closest airport is Athens. 

There is no direct connection from Athens Airport (ATH) to Agistri.

However, you can take the taxi or bus to Piraeus docks.


Take the ferry to Agistri. 

There is a regular ferry from the port of Piraeus, which is the main port of Athens.

The ferry to Agistri takes about an hour and a half and arrives at the port of Skala. 

From there it is only a 5 minute drive to the hotel.

When the new ferry timetables are available we will update you, with times and costs.

All bookings for flights and accommodation are very reasonable at the moment and 

have to be done by you personally.

Please contact me on 077153 10920 or for more information.


The price for the retreat is £150 (that doesn't include flight or hotel)


Book and pay here:

We are staying at the Hotel Dionysos
on the beautiful island of Agistri.