Kind words from my wonderful clients


I would like to say how brilliant your webinar classes were and how much I benefited from your experience and knowledge.

Since starting my own business one of the most difficult things I have found is letting things go.

We all have thousands of thoughts going around our head all the time, but I was constantly focused on things I couldn’t control; things in the past, things in the future, and I was missing out on being in the present.

Through your classes I was able to see the thoughts for what they are, just thoughts, they come, they go, and it was I who was giving them more power over me than they had.

Whenever I feel I am getting overwhelmed I think back on what you have taught, and I know they are not techniques, but remembering what I have learned helps me gain control and allows me to focus on what I can do in the here and now.

I would absolutely recommend Paola to those who run their own business, and to anyone who needs help dealing with stress and destructive thoughts.

I am looking forward to my next course with you.


When I started out on this programme with Paola I was feeling low both emotionally and energetically and had lost my interest in food. I was snacking all the time and knew I wasn’t eating the best things for my body so I jumped at the chance to try out a change. Even though I wanted to change things I had a lot of resistant thinking when being told what foods I couldn’t eat. However that first day I put all the information Paola gave me into practice and have found that in 5 weeks the weight just dropped off me and I got fitter and lighter in mind and body and I lost 13lbs.


I am enjoying food more and made the choice to make myself separate meals where necessary to those for my family. 

There is an ease to this programme once in the flow, no counting points or calories and although I have had cravings/deep desires for snacking there has been no feeling of lack. 


I was most interested in seeing my thinking about food more clearly - thoughts of needing a snack would feel so powerful and yet even though I didn’t act on them I noticed that they would disappear without me having to do anything. I was worried about feeling hungry after not eating for 16 hours and to begin with ate a little more to compensate, got indigestion then relaxed into it and then  found that I wasn’t hungry! I have found the foods I am eating are very satisfying, delicious and the whole thing has been  easy to do. The exercises given by Paola are simple to do anywhere so there are no restrictions to doing them. 


I have always been interested in health and found it helpful to learn from Paola that I am helping my body heal itself by not eating for those 16 hours so my body can carry out the autophagy process and keep me healthy. 


I can highly recommend Paola’s programme to anyone who is feeling like they want to change their relationship with food or change the feeling in their body.

Helen Gough

I have been seeing Paola for several weeks now, who has been supporting me changing my diet to help me feel healthier, have more energy and lose weight. Paola has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable and she has explained the theory evidencing this way of eating. She has made it simple to understand and follow week by week.

The one to one weekly sessions have been really good, and I could talk through any queries or difficulties and get good advice to help me adjust my eating. Paola has been available to contact at any time by text/email.

I can definitely recommend this life changing diet, with Paola’s help and knowledge about nutrition.

Ann Buckingham

When I reflect on the 5 week programme , phrases that spring to mind are 


I am so surprised that I don't feel hungry anymore

 I have much more energy

 I thought I understood the phrase 'You Are What You Eat 'but now I feel I understand this at a much deeper level 

 I really do feel 10 years younger

 I had heard that it was more difficult to lose weight as we get older , but I have found that this is a myth & I have found it easy for the weight to drop off 


I am enjoying life more -it has been life-changing

Rachel Juwells

I had some trepidation about starting on the course, as plant based food was not something I was really familiar with. However, I needn’t have worried, Paola said it would very straightforward and it was. I learnt that every day carbs such as potatoes, pasta and rice could easily be replaced with chick peas, quinoa and extra veg.


My energy has increased and overall I am beginning to feel so much better. I have digestion issues, so it was quite a challenge for us, but Paola was very giving of her time. She is extremely knowable, the physical body, the nutrients and also really understands how the mind plays a huge part in what we eat.


I can highly recommended this course, Paola’s  professionalism and caring support. I have learnt a healthy new way to fuel by body, which will last me into the future, unlike other ‘diets’ I have tired in the past. The course has changed the way I think about food. Thank you Paola.


Paola’s healthy living course is not a diet like other diets. It's about changing thought patterns in your way of eating. For me, it is a way of life now so my normal. I understand much better what refined sugars do to us and choose to stay away because I feel better for it. I don't feel deprived anymore of cake and pies, etc. I was borderline Type 2 diabetes. I am now completely clear and out of risk because I eat so much better and enjoy food so much more. I do fast every day to give my body the time it needs to function well. It has been the best thing I have ever done working with Paola.