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Burnout, what is that exactly?

What does the word burnout mean?

- I am burned out,

- My fire is out,

- I am overburdened,

- I cannot continue like this,

- It's all too much,

It is coming from all sides and I don’t know how to cope anymore!!!!!

But what if, you only ever can experience your thinking in the moment?

What if, you always give the best you can in every present moment and you only ever can do what is right in front of you?

There is always only this present moment right now!

That’s all I can do and give, right now.

But when I spend the moment, thinking about everything, that I have to deal with in the future, I am not able to give the best I can in that moment right now.

I am spending my time thinking about future scenarios, events, strategies and everything involved with that and then only one more thing has to come on top of all of that and I snap.

That is it, I cannot deal with that anymore, it is all to much!

But when I know, that there is always only that present moment right now, right here and when I experience stress and feel over burdened; it is because I innocently went off track with my thinking,

When I am thinking, my feeling of being stressed comes from having so much work, then that is what I am experiencing in that moment.

Outside circumstances are not responsible for our feelings, it is the way we think about this in every present moment.

Knowing this leaves me more present, less involved with the white noise in my head, being more productive and creative.

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