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What part does the mind play in losing weight?

Working as a therapist over the last 30 years gives me clear evidence that the mind is a crucial part of our physical being and is not yet recognized enough in losing weight and shifting to better health.

Losing weight with no success

There are a number of people that over years have been trying to lose weight but with no success. They know all there is to know about diets, fasting, good nutrition but they still don’t manage to succeed. However, then you see them years later and they are looking amazing! What happened?

Something changed for them and that is not necessarily a better understanding of what to do when losing weight, but often it’s a mental breakthrough.

Over 90% of our thoughts are subconscious which means that we are not always aware of what has changed, it just did and now we show up differently.

Why is it that we eat?

One third of the time it is because we are hungry, but what about the rest of the time? We try to feed a need!

As babies, we often have a dummy or bottle to comfort us, this can mean that in later life we associate eating, smoking cigarettes or drinking with giving us that comfort.

In the old paradigm it is our partner, my work, the weather and food, that is responsible for the way we feel and we also believe that they can help us to feel better.

We like to reward ourselves: " I deserve a treat!" " It was a hard day so I’ll have a drink tonight, then everything will be fine! or “I did so well, I deserve a piece of chocolate cake!” .

There is nothing wrong with that, but suddenly we find ourselves that every time we do well or it was a hard day we crave that cake or glass of wine as we innocently created a belief.

Only when we can understand this believes insightfully as innesently self created, we see that we have a choice to take it or leave it.

To give you an example; I just started a new habit. I got my husband a new coffee machine for Christmas, just a little machine, but it makes the most wonderful coffee. So I started to get into this routine that every afternoon around 5 pm, I make myself this wonderful coffee. I snuggle up on my sofa with the heating behind my back and enjoy my cup of coffee.

But now I’ve noticed that when I don’t get the chance for my coffee ceremony, I don’t like it. I even find myself looking forward to it in the morning, so when I don’t get the chance to have my coffee I can get frustrated, stressed, agitated and not being present with what I am doing in that moment. All of this, because I’d rather have my coffee then doing what is asked of me in that moment. It sounds like a little thing, but our life is full of these little rules and beliefs we live by every day.

What beliefs do you have?

Do you recognise any of the following beliefs for yourself?

“ I need a yoghurt before I go to bed otherwise I will be hungry in the night”

“ I need a coffee to wake me up in the morning”

“ Without my breakfast, the whole day will be ruined”

“ I just need some chocolate after dinner”

“ When I have my glass of wine then I feel fine”

“ I need something now, I deserve it”

And what about beliefs we innocently created about ourselves?

  • That perhaps you are not worth it,

  • Why the fuss I am fine how I am (even when you don’t like to look in the mirror)

  • It’s not important, I am not important

  • It’s in my genes there is nothing I can do to change it

  • As I get older it’s not as easy to lose weight

  • I always have been big, it’s too late for me to change

  • It’s too difficult

It’s amazing what you can achieve, once you uncover your beliefs

A client of mine said to me “ I never did see that I had a choice” she had the feeling that she had to eat all the biscuits in front of her. Now she can take it or leave it, and when she does eat one there is no judgment anymore.

Through understanding this, she even noticed that she doesn’t even like the taste of the biscuits and wonders now, whatever made her eat them!!!

It is a completely different approach bringing together the nutritional education to support longevity and cell rejuvenation and the fundamental understanding of how we psychologically work. This combination leaves my clients with long lasting results as it is not again another diet.

Would you like to see where your challenges are, then please contact me for a discovery session.

I look forward hearing from you.

Paola Royal

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